Lori Fieber

I’m Listening

As a deep processor, my inherent skills in listening for themes and making connections is essential to supporting people in conflict situations. Through certification in Third Party Mediation and continuous professional development at the Justice Institute of BC, those skills have been honed to make me highly effective in helping you to identify your best way forward in your conflict situation.

My training with the International Institute for Restorative Practices has given me a “whole person” informed style in my practice. 

I don’t just care about your conflict, I also care about you.

I am British Columbian.

I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, have lived in various cities in the Lower Mainland, and am happy to now call New Westminster my home. I love the the mountains and the ocean and the rivers, and the richness of cultural diversity we enjoy in the Greater Vancouver area. What a beautiful place we get to live in.

I am also very interested in coffee; talking about coffee, discovering new coffee, grinding coffee, smelling coffee, brewing coffee, drinking coffee, repeat.

I enjoy writing.

I am not a lawyer.

In Canada, lawyers are required to perform in a legal system which is, in its origins and make-up, an adversarial, “win or loose” structure. This method of resolving conflict is necessary for many challenging and serious situations in our society. My life experience, temperament, and training have conditioned me to function in a “resolution and restoration” focussed manner. My style lends itself well to a collaborative, person-centred approach to resolving conflict for those situations where working things out together is the preferred mode for everyone involved.

I believe in you.

I believe that you are the person best suited to know what you really need in your circumstances, and are the best qualified person to make those decisions for yourself. Perhaps you need to find a way to talk together with the people involved in the conflict, and you might find out that you need to get more information along the way. You definitely need to be able to understand your own needs clearly and to reflect on what is most important to you so you can identify the real  issue that needs to be resolved. With the right support, you can do it!

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. The gold seam highlights the crack rather than concealing it; it is more beautiful for having been broken and repaired. I think we’re kind of like that.

Things seem broken, maybe beyond repair. When we can work towards restoration, we are all better than we were before. Relationships are restored, and we are transformed.

Photo is Kintsugi Project by Steenaire published on Flickr under a CC-BY license

I Believe…

Conflict is always telling us something about ourselves, the situation we find ourselves in, and other people.

There are many ways to engage with conflict.

Not all conflicts can be resolved. Many can.

Do you think I can help you with your current situation?

Let’s talk about it.