How I Work

I will help you

…be better talkers.

It’s not always easy to communicate what you’re really thinking, and sometimes the thing you say at first doesn’t quite capture what you really mean. I’ll help to you have the preparation, time, and tools you need so that you say what you mean, and then ensure that your listener accurately understands your meaning.

…be better listeners.

Listening takes effort and skill, especially when there is a lot at stake. It’s important that you are able to listen carefully to what the other person is trying to say so that you have accurate information for your decision making. I’ll help you to make sure that what you’re hearing is what they meant you to understand.

…be better thinkers.

You need to know that you’ve taken into account the things that are most important to you. You may discover in this process what is truly important to you, and what is not. This is essential when accurately identifying the issues at hand. I will help you to identify those things that are most important to you and get to the heart of what you really need.

…find better solutions.

Once you’ve been able to deeply explore your situation and come to an understanding of all that is involved, I will help you to develop creative solutions. Any possible solutions you generate will be carefully weighed against the values and needs you’ve identified. I will help you to evaluate any solutions against the work you’ve done thus far, and check with you for feasibility, and your level of satisfaction with any final decision.

What I Ask of You

Good Faith

You genuinely want a solution that will work for everyone involved; for yourself and for the other party. You want to engage with the conflict to find solutions, not just make the conflict “go away”.

Full Disclosure

You will not hold back any information that is useful and necessary to fully understand and shed light on the situation. While it may be difficult, you are willing to speak candidly about what’s been happening and what you need.

Come Prepared

You will take the time you need to be familiar with any content that needs to be discussed. You will also self-check your ability to listen well to other parties, and your ability to contribute meaningfully to the discussion.

The Process

Make Contact

Reach out to me through this website, your own email account, or by phone. We’ll chat for a few minutes to get a good sense of how I can be of help in your particular situation. There is no charge for this initial conversation.

Once we discover which approach best suits your needs, we will plan our next step.

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$125 per hour spent working directly with clients.